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“From the Front Lines of the Culture War”
with Charles LiMandri and Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

Catholic public interest attorney Charles S. LiMandri, and President/Founder of The Ruth Institute, Dr Jennifer Roback Morse, are veterans of many battles in the culture war, including California’s Proposition 8 and the Mount Soledad Cross, located in La Jolla, California. On this show they use their combined vast legal, economic and psychological experience to address the crucial issues confronting Christians in general and Catholics in particular.  Whether the issue be the current attacks on marriage and religious freedom or the sanctity of life, you will find an informative and authentic Catholic discussion of the subject on this program.  Tune in to this show to stay informed on how you can best be prepared to defend your faith in these perilous times. (< back to archive index)





Dr. Steven Heaney

 ”What’s the Harm? How Redefining Right and Wrong Affects everyone” with Dr. Steven Heaney

Steven Heaney, is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul, MN,  plus editor of Abortion: A New Generation of Catholic Responses (1992), published in The Human Life Review, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, The Thomist, The Catholic Lawyer, and the National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly.

  • How does legalizing abortion affect people who don’t’ have abortions themselves?
  • How does no-fault divorce harm people who don’t’ get divorced themselves?
  • What stake does the whole community have in the definition of marriage?


Dr.  Dale Kuehne

“Sex and the i-World”  with Dr. Dale Kuehne

Dale S. Kuehne (PhD, Georgetown University) is the Richard L. Bready Professor of Ethics, Economics, and the Common Good at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.

He is also a Professor in the Department of Politics and was the Founding Director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Author of “Sex and the iWorld: Rethinking Relationship Beyond an Age of Individualism”

  • What is the “i-World?”
  • What did Aristotle have to say about sex? Why should we care?
  • Is there a compelling alternative to today’s sexual culture?


December 12, 2011 - Christians facing discrimination in the United Kingdom – heads up America


Paul DIamond

Are Christians facing discrimination in the United Kingdom? Coming soon to America?

Join Dr J as she interviews, Paul Diamond, Barrister in the United Kingdom, who has established a specialized practice in the law of religious liberty.

Cases in point:

  • The elderly street preacher, beaten up by homosexuals, who were not brought to justice.
  • The Christian couple were prevented from fostering because of Christian views on homosexuality

Dr. Grossbard

Austin Nimocks

Did you know that sexual activists tried to legalize polygamy in Canada? Could this happen in the USA?

Guests, Austin Nimocks, Alliance Defense Fund, was the attorney for the case. Dr. Shoshana Grossbard, Economics Professor, San Diego State University, was an expert witness, testifying that polygamy is bad for women, children and society as a whole.

How the court distinguished same sex unions from polygamous unions.

  • Whether the court used the best social science arguments.
  • What this ruling means for the US, if anything.
  • What does the history of polygamy tell us about whether its impact on society?
  • What does this ruling in Canada, mean for the future of marriage in the US?


December 5, 2011 - “Cultivating Your  ‘Lay Vocation’” – guest Bill Simon & “The Idea of Marriage in Modern Political Thought.”  - Scott Yenor

Guest, Bill Simon, author of ” Living the Call: An introduction into the Lay Vocation”, plus co-chairman, William E. Simon & Sons, plus co-chairman, William E. Simon Foundation.

Listen as they explore:

  • How the spiritual lives of lay people differ from those of priests and religious…
  • Most Americans see the Catholic Church undergoing an apparently endless series of crises.
  • How that is NOT the real story of  the Church at the beginning of the new millennium
  • Many people associate “vocation” with ordained ministry. What is a “lay vocation”? How accessible is a deep interior life to an ordinary lay person?
  • Why it is realistic to think that busy lay people can cultivate an interior life.


Guest Scott Yenor Ph.D.  Associate Professor and Chair of the Political Science Department at Boise State University, plus author of “Family Politics:  The Idea of Marriage in Modern Political Thought.”: ?

  • How so many modern political thinkers don’t have a clue about marriage, and how modern political thinkers have contributed to the confusion about marriage.
  • What the nuclear family is, and whether it improves on the family forms that came before.
  • Why Dr Yenor (a non-Catholic) thinks John Paul II has something uniquely valuable to offer modern political thought on marriage.
  • How the idea that marriage is a contract has been a two-edged sword, improving marriage and family life in some ways and causing confusion and crisis in other ways.
  • What the modern aspiration to “conquer nature” means for family life.



November 28, 2011 – The Challenges U.S. Bishops Face for Religious Freedom


The Most Reverend
Salvatore Cordileone

Guest - The Most Reverend Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, Bishop of Oakland, California
Hear about:

  • His involvement in the passage of California’s Proposition 8, and the current status of that case.
  • His work as the Chairman of the USCCB Committee on the Defense of Marriage;
  • The challenges facing the Bishop’s generally in the United States on Religious Liberty issues:
  • His work on the CCC’s Religious Liberty Committee, and the USCCB’s new Committee headed by Bishop Lori;
  • The New Liturgy.


Alan Sears

Guest - Alan Sears
President. CEO and General Counsel
Alliance Defense“Americans Still Reeling from a Revolution that Failed”


November 21, 2011 – How faith and public life go together in America, plus….


Tim Goeglein

Tim Goeglein, Vice President for External Relations at Focus on the Family, plus Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, and author of “The Man in the Middle: An inside account of faith and politics in the George W. Bush era”

Listen as they discuss:

  • How faith and politics go together in America.
  • Why President George Bush was a great-souled man, and how the decisions he made
    were influenced by his faith.
  • The place for Christians in the 21st Century.
  • What it was like to be the point-man between the White House and faith-based communities.


Maggie Gallagher

 Maggie Gallagher, co-founder of National Organization for Marriage (NOM), plus author of three books including “The Case for Marriage: why married people are happier, healthier, and better off financially”,  and nationally syndicated writer for New York Times, Wallstreet Journal, Weekly Standard, National Review and other media. Maggie appears frequently on national television and radio.

Listen to this discussion:

  • How to bring up the discussion of same-sex marriage at Thanksgiving dinner.
  • What to say when one of your family members at the table is gay.
  • What to say to a family member who opposes you.
  • When do you fight, when do you back down on this topic.
  • How NOM is impacting the nation to the battle to protect the sanctity of traditional marriage.


November 14, 2011 - The Science Behind Pornography Addiction & “Catholic Vote”


Dr. Donald Hilton

 Pornography is one of the leading causes of divorce in America today. Join Dr J as she interviews Dr Donald Hilton, a clinical Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Texas Medical School in San Antonio, Texas, and one of the country’s leading researchers on the science of pornography addiction.

Listen as Dr Hilton explains these important issues:

  • How pornography use can become an actual addiction
  • How pornography becomes a brain drug
  • How sex itself is addictive
  • How his research has been published in some of the top journals on neuro-science
  • Where families can get help here in San Diego
  • What ordinary people can do to fight pornography, at home and in the public square
    (Listeners can find information for help for pornography addiction here in San Diego by going to )


Tom Peters

The second guest, Thomas Peters is one of the hottest young Catholic bloggers and citizen journalists writing today. He has appeared in dozens of TV, radio and online media outlets discussing current topics including the intersection of faith and conservatism, as well as pro-life and pro-family activism. Since 2007 he has worked in Washington, DC and after completing his second master’s now serves as the Cultural Director at the National Organization for Marriage where he is overseeing a new project (“NOM NextGen”) to identify and encourage young activists for marriage. But he is best known for establishing the American Papist blog, which can be read at www.CatholicVote.orgYou won’t want to miss Dr J’s conversation with Tom Peters, The American Papist on these exciting topics:

  • How Tom became The American Papist
  • Where he gets his hysterical Pope Photos and captions (check out the “Reward Points” Papist photo of the day)
  • What some of his most exciting campaigns have been
  • How he counters the politicians who describe themselves as Catholic, but who defy Church teachings.
  • His work at the National Organization for Marriage


November 7, 2011 - Does Religion Reduce Crime? “The Future of Faith-Based Approaches to Reducing Crime”

Dr. J’s first guest, Dr. Peggy Hartshorn, President of Heartbeat International.

Under her leadership, Heartbeat has grown from a network of 250 affiliated pregnancy help centers to the most expansive network of pregnancy help ministries in the world, with 1,200 pregnancy help centers, medical clinics, maternity homes, non- profit adoption agencies, and abortion recovery programs, in 50 countries (nearly 900 in the United States).

The second guest, Dr. Byron Johnson, is a Professor of the Social Sciences and Director of the Institute for Studies of Religion (ISR) as well as director of the Program on Pro-social Behavior, both at Baylor University.

He is a leading authority on the scientific study of religion, the efficacy of faith-based organizations, and criminal justice. His recent publications have examined the impact of faith-based programs on recidivism reduction and prisoner reentry.

Listen as Dr. Byron Johnson tells Dr J about these fascinating topics:

  • How religion reduces crime
  • Why no one talks about this connection
  • How his research gives important guidance to prison ministries and how they can improve
  • The future of faith-based approaches to reducing crime.

October 31, 2011 - Defending Christian Values   

Guest Congressman Duncan Hunter talks about his valiant efforts to defend against the liberal agenda in Congress.

This includes his work in the following areas:

Seeking to protect the free-speech rights of Christians in the military to criticize behavior they find morally objectionable, despite the repeal of “Don’t Ask…Don’t Tell”;

Resisting the relentless attacks on DOMA; and Keeping mandatory abortion coverage out of the Health-Care Reform legislation.

Our second guest is the courageous Poway School District Teacher Brad Johnson.  He is a Christian high school math teacher who has been resisting the efforts to make him remove patriotic banners that he has had up in his class room for over 20 years  These banners acknowledge the place of God in our nation’s history and include our national motto: “In God We Trust”, as well as the the statement from the Pledge of Allegiance: “One Nation Under God”.

October 24, 2011 - Church Teachings on Infertility Treatment

How Common is Infertility and how can the NaPro Technology Fertility Care System guide you to conceiving a child?!  Dr. J interviews Katie Elrod

Katie Elrod has been a humanities teacher and administrator in independent schools for over 15 years, and has taught in the
Perspectives program at Boston College.  She received her BA and MA in philosophy from Boston College, where she was a Lonergan Fellow.   Ms. Elrod has spoken on natural fertility treatment at MIT, Boston College, Notre Dame University and in the
Archdiocese of Boston. She and Dr. Paul Carpentier collaborated on a chapter on the harmful effects of IVF on women in the 2010 edition of “Women, Sex and the Church: A Case for Church Teaching.”

Listen to Dr J discuss these crucial issues with her guest:

  • How common is infertility?
  • Some of the common causes of infertility
  • How Sexually Transmitted Diseases contribute to infertility
  • Lifestyle choices that contribute to infertility
  • Kind of testing done on animals before In Vitro Fertilization became common in humans
  • What the safety risks are to stimulating the ovaries
  • The risks of IVF to the babies, before and after birth
  • What is wrong with “using the body for biological fertility alone?”
  • How the NaPro Technology Fertility Care System differ from conventional diagnostic methods
  • Her personal journey with infertility and with fertility treatment

October 17, 2011 - “The gift of female fertility: whats wrong with contraception, and whats rights with NFP?

Dr J’s guest: Angela Franks Ph.D., Director of Theology Programs for the Theological Institute for the New Evangelization at St John’s seminary in Massachusetts.

Advocates of artificial contraception deify Margaret Sanger and demomize the Catholic Church.  But Dr Franks has the goods on Margaret Sanger; she was a full-blown eugenicist. And Dr. Franks has the good news about the Catholic position on
contraception: it is safe, natural and highly effective.

Listen as Dr. J and Dr. Angela Franks talk about :

  • Why Margaret Sanger is so important in understanding the contemporary situation regarding contraception
  • The Health Risks of the Pill.
  • Why life is better without contraception.
  • Isn’t NFP just Catholic Birth Control?
  • Do some Catholic theologians still believe in the over-population hypothesis?
  • As always, you can listen live in Southern California at

October 10, 2011 - Bill May – Catholics for the Common Good – Chairman and CEO

Chuck interviews Bill May of Catholics for the Common Good which is a lay apostolate for the evangelization of culture based on the social teachings of the Catholic Church. It is founded in response to the call of Pope John Paul II for the new evangelization and the U.S. bishops’ call for faithful citizenship.

This movement is for Catholics of diverse backgrounds and interests, informed by their faith, to become better equipped to build a civilization of love and a culture of life. We are Catholics first united by our faith and loyalty to the Magisterium in this non-partisan effort for the common good.

You can order Charles LiMandri’s CD Set : “Good Bye Religious Liberty?: How the attacks on marriage  are threatening your religious freedom”  at

October 3, 2011 - The Prevalence of Pornography Addiction

Chuck interviews Dr. James Lambert , expert on the harmful effects of pornography.

Listen as they speak on the prevalence of pornography addiction, how to guard against it, and how to break free of the grip of this destructive vice.

September 26, 2011 -” A Queer Thing Happened to America”


Dr. Michael Brown

 Dr J’s guest:  Dr. Michael Brown, Author of “A Queer Thing Happened to America: and what a long, strange trip it’s been.”

  • How did America come to the point where major cities celebrate “gay pride” but Christians are afraid to speak critically about homosexual practice?
  • Where the 3 percent of the population that is gay, lesbian or bisexual has convinced the American public that 25% of the population is gay?

Michael L. Brown holds a PH.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures from New York University and is the author of twenty books and numerous scholarly articles.

He became a believer in Jesus 1971 as a sixteen year-old, heroin-shooting, LSD-using Jewish rock drummer.He has served a s visiting or adjunct professor at seven seminaries. He spent five years researching material for this book, focusing in particular on primary sources from GLBT authors, leaders, and thinkers.

Listen to Dr J discuss these crucial issues with Dr Brown:

  • Why he tackled such a controversial subject, and why the publishing world was afraid to touch it
  • Why gay activists deny that there is such a thing as a gay agenda
  • The most egregious gay activist assault against those defending traditional values in their homes and communities
  • Why he used such a loaded word, “queer,” in the title of his book
  • Why activists so offended by people’s claims to be “ex-gay”
  • How colleges and universities support gay radicalism
  • Whether same sex attraction is a fixed trait like race, or whether it matters
  • How gay rights groups have influenced the media give them loud voice out of proportion for their size
  • And much more!


September 19, 2011 - Renewing American Leadership – “Galvanizing pastors across the country – is the next revival coming?”  – Charles LiMandri interviews Dr. Jim Garlow


Pastor Jim Garlow

Tonight Chuck interviews Dr. Jim Garlow, Senior Pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church in Rancho San Diego, and Chairman of Renewing American Leadership, plus Founder of Pastors Rapid Response Team, New York Times best selling author, and host of The Garlow Perspective heard daily on over 800 radio stations across the country.


Pastor Garlow helped galvanize thousands of pastors across the state to rise up and defend traditional marriage during proposition 8.

Now Dr. Garlow is working nationwide on the Pastors Pulpit Initiative which challenges the IRS 501c3 code and empowers pastors to speak boldly from the pulpits across America.


Is a timely revival sweeping our country?

Find out how you can become activated as the 2012 election approaches.

PLUS: You can also order Charles LiMandri’s CD Set “Good Bye Religious Liberty?: How the attacks on marriage are threatening your religious freedom” at

Jim Garlow and
Bishop Cordileone
worked closely together
to defend marriage
during 2008 Prop 8.


September 12, 2011 - Population control policies around the world – why we should become educated, and concerned

Dr Jennifer Roback Morse interviews Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute.

Steven Mosher was a graduate student at Stanford back in the 1970′s and 80′s. In 1979, Steven was the first American social scientist to visit mainland China. He was invited there by the Chinese government, where he had access to government documents and actually witnessed women being forced to have abortions under the new “one-child policy.”

Mr. Mosher was a pro-choice atheist at the time, but witnessing these traumatic abortions led him to reconsider his convictions and to eventually become a practicing, pro-life Roman Catholic.

As President of the Population Research Institute in Front Royal Virginia, he works tirelessly to combat coercive population control programs and to promote pro-natal and pro-family attitudes, laws, and policies worldwide

Listen as Steven Mosher tells Dr J about these fascinating untold stories:

  • How he uncovered the brutality of China’s “one child” policy, and what it cost him personally
  • Russia’s huge population problem: under population and population decline
  • How private citizens in Russia are coming up with innovative ideas to help
  • How international agencies are trying to foist population programs on the Philippines, the most Catholic country in Asia
  • Why so few mainstream media, academic and even religious organizations talk about population decline candidly
  • How an alternative, non-religious world-view is being promoted by the population controllers of all countries and
    all parties
  • How the Population Research Institute encourages programs to help the poor become agents of
    their own development

September 5, 2011 – What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur’an

Chuck and his guest  William J. Federer, a nationally known and prolific writer and lecturer, who is an expert on on country’s religious herritage.  He has also published a timely book this year entitled “What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur’an” - click here for PDF version  click here for book version

Learn what the Qur’an says about how infidels, like Christians and Jews, should be treated;  How the Qur’an is inconsistent with our Constitution;  The kind of man Mohammed was; How people, especially women, are handled if they do not follow the strict rules of Islam;  Whether Islam is a religion of peace;  Why more moderate Moslems do not speak out against the extremists;

How Mohammed and his followers were so effective in spreading Islam;  Mohammed’s view of marriage; What is the truth about the purpose and the effect of the crusades; What St. Thomas Aquinas had to say about Islam;

The striking differences between Jesus and Mohammed; and What people like Winston Churchill have said about why Islam still poses a serious threat to those of us in the West.

You can also order Charles LiMandri’s CD Set “Good Bye Religious Liberty?: How the attacks on marriage are threatening your religious freedom”  at

August 29, 2011 - Dr. J Interviews with Chuck Colson and Dran Reese


 Chuck Colson

Chuck Colson is founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries, and one of three co-authors of The Manhattan Declaration.

Dran Reese is the Director of the Salt and Light Council a coalition of churches with active Salt and Light Citizenship Ministries.  It is a grassroots biblical citizenship ministry that mobilizes like-minded concerned citizens, pastors and priests – nationwide – across Christian denominations.

  • Listen to Dr J discuss these crucial issues with her guests:
  • What is the Manhattan Declaration?
  • What prompted Chuck Colson to write the Manhattan Declaration.
  • Why the right to life, definition of marriage and religious liberty are the crucial questions for Christians in our time How these issues cut across denominational lines.
  • How you can be involved in at the national level making a difference for life, marriage and liberty What is SB 48?
  • How you can be involved and make a difference locally.

Dran Reese


August 22, 2011 - The Real Purpose of SB48


 Chuck and his guest Randy Thomasson, www.savecalifornia.comwill be talking about the indoctrination of pro-homosexuality into the California Public School system with SB48.

What is the real purpose of SB48, vs teaching your children history?

How has the homosexual lobby been so effective in implementing this agenda into public schools and elsewhere?

Plus the alternatives for parents to educate their children outside of public schools.


August 15, 2011 The Demographic Winter and the World Congress of Families Moscow Summit


The Catholic Church takes a lot of heat for its positions on contraception and abortion.

The Church’s critics say that the world is overpopulated and limiting births is an environmental and social necessity.

But what are the down-sides of the last 40 years of reducing fertility? Retirement plans that can’t be paid for, empty school buildings, economic decline, men without wives, are just a few of the costs of the war against natural human fertility.

Dr J’s guest, Don Feder, former Boston Herald writer and spokesman for the World Congress of Families.  Listen to Dr J and Don Feder as they discuss these crucial issues:

  • What the term “demographic winter” refers to
  • The problems caused by the decline in population
  • Why fertility decline is the real “third rail of politics,” not Social Security?
  • Why so few mainstream media, academic and even religious organizations talk about population decline candidly
  • How an alternative, non-religious world-view is being promoted by the population controllers of all countries and all parties
  • Mr. Feder’s experience working with Catholics to promote sound and humane population policies


August 8, 2011 - A Nation Like No Other – Why American Exceptionalism Matters


Chuck interviews former Speaker of the House, and Catholic Convert Newt Gingrich, author of his new book: “A Nation Like No Other – Why American Exceptionalism Matters” Listen as they discuss national and international current events, plus what moved Newt to convert to Catholicism.

PLUS: You can also order Charles LiMandri’s CD Set “Good Bye Religious Liberty?: How the attacks on marriage are threatening your religious freedom” at


August 1, 2011 – The Social Consequences of Contraception and the Myth of Government Neutrality


American Catholics have the idea that they have to keep the moral teachings of our faith out of the public square, so we don’t “impose” our values on others. But is the government really neutral in matters of marriage, family and sex? Does the government already have a set of policies that go far beyond simply allowing each person to choose their own values and behavior? Dr Morse interviews Robert Patterson, editor of The Family in America, who has his finger on the pulse of the federal government’s wholesale creation of a new code of sexual ethics.

Listen to Dr J and Robert Patterson as they discuss these crucial issues:  -The policy revolutions of the 1960′s that displaced the two parent family as the social idea  -How the federal government’s birth-control campaign is anything but neutral   -How the federal government actively subsidizes the use of birth control and sexual  Education

July 25, 2011 -  Government Bans ‘God’ at VA Cemetery in Houston

Chuck  interviews Rees Lloyd,  Civil Rights Attorney and Veterans Activist who marched with Cesar Chavez and served as his lawyer.

Mr. Lloyd is also a former ACLU Staff Attorney.  Listen as they discuss Mr Lloyds involvement in:

Protecting War Memorials such as the Mt. Soledad and Mohave Desert Crosses.

Public Expression of Religion Act.

The battle to prevent the repeal of Don’t Ask / Don’t Tell and the potential threat it poses to the military.

The recent battle over the secular cleansing of God and religion at military funerals by the VA.

The ACLU and the threat that it poses to our American way of life.

The influences on the life of Mr Lloyd, and inspiration for his service by men like Caesar Chavez and Fr. Richard John Neuhaus

You can also order Charles LiMandri’s CD Set “Good Bye Religious Liberty?: How the attacks on marriage are threatening your religious freedom” at


July 18, 2011 - Sexual Education and Mis-education

Dr Jennifer Roback Morse interviews Miriam Grossman, MD, author of “Unprotected” and “You’re Teaching My Child What?” and a psychiatrist formerly with the UCLA Student Health Service.

The CA Assembly recently passed and Gov Brown signed, SB 48, mandating gay friendly instruction in all CA public schools, K-12. Catholic University of America recently announced that they would abolish co-ed dorms and move to all single sex dorms. In the wake of that decision, a DC attorney announced that he will sue them for sex segregation which he claims violates the DC Human Rights Law. Whatever became of sex education as a way of promoting good health and conservative values?  Listen to Dr J and Dr. Grossman as they discuss these crucial issues:

  • Dr Grossman testified against California SB 48, which mandates gay friendly curriculum in the public schools. What were her concerns about that bill?
  • What does the research community believe about the development of gender identity disorder?
  • What is the difference between the term “gender” and the term “sex?” What is the ideology behind this distinction?
  • What does Dr. Grossman think of the idea of single sex dorms, based on her experience as a psychiatrist at the student health center at UCLA?
  • Is segregating living quarters by sex really the equivalent of racism?
  • Dr. Grossman recently testified in the British House of Lords on sex education there. What is sex education like in the UK?

July 11, 2011 -  St. Thomas Moore as a Mentor

Join Chuck tonight at 6pm at he interviews Gerard Wegemer, Ph.D, professor at the University of Dallas and the Director for the Center of Thomas More Studies plus author of of many books on Saint Thomas More.

Listen in and learn from a foremost expert on how this great Saint is a wonderful mentor for all of us in these perilous times in which we now live.

Prayer of Saint Thomas More: O Lord, give us a mind that is humble, quiet, peaceable, patient and charitable, and a taste of your Holy Spirit in all our thoughts, words, and deeds. O Lord, give us a lively faith, a firm hope, a fervent charity, a love of you. Take from us all lukewarmness in meditation and all dullness in prayer. Give us fervor and delight in thinking of you, your grace, and your tender compassion toward us. Give us, good Lord, the grace to work for the things we pray for. Amen.

You can also order Charles LiMandri’s CD Set “Good Bye Religious Liberty?: How the attacks on marriage are threatening your religious freedom” at

July 4,  2011 - “American Liberty and Catholic Social Teaching,”
This is a special Independence Day program. What does ‘freedom’ mean? What does ‘liberty’ mean? I s there a distinctively Catholic way of looking at these ideas? Dr Morse’s guest tonight, Fr. Robert Sirico,  co-Founder and President of the Acton Institute, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, will help us answer these questions.

Listen to Dr J and Fr. Sirico as they discuss these crucial questions:

-Is there a distinctively Catholic notion of freedom? - Does it differ from distinctively American notions of freedom? -There is a very old idea in American history, that Catholicism is inconsistent with American ideas about liberty.  -What gave rise to that idea?  What if anything, has changed that idea?  -How does economic liberty fit into your overall vision of a free society?  - How does this vision fit in with Catholic social teaching?  -What do some of the documents of the Popes have to say regarding economic liberty?  -What contribution can American Catholics make in moving America toward greater liberty?

Catholic Bioethics Issues

Dr Jennifer Roback Morse interviews Jennifer Lahl, Founder and President of the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network. The hope of having a baby drives many women into the arms of the Artificial Reproductive Technology Industry. 

The Catholic Church is almost alone in its categorical rejection of artificial conception.  Dr J’s guest this week, who is not Catholic, agrees with the Church. Join Dr J this Monday, June 27, and find out why Jennifer Lahl, Founder and President of the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network, and the producer of the award winning documentary,  ”Eggsploitation,” believes that Artificial Reproductive Technology is an ethical nightmare, rather than a dream come true.  Listen to Dr J and Jennifer Lahl as they discuss these crucial questions: 

  • What is so wrong with the use of Artificial Reproductive Technology?
  • What are some of the health hazards associated with ART, for women and for the babies?
  • Who are the most vocal supporters of Artificial Reproduction?  Who are its harshest critics?
  • How do Catholics and non-Catholic Christians differ in their approaches to the ART question? 
  • How does the existence of ART affect marriage?
  • What is the Nightmare Scenario for this industry?

Impacting Culture for Christ

Chuck interviews Father Martin Latiff of the Miles Christi  Order of Priests. Find out about the mission and goals of this Holy Order, including Catholic Intellectual Formation, and how these amazing priests are impacting the culture for Christ through their work in San Diego and across the world.


The Fallout From Divorce creates some of the deepest wounds that people experience in their lifetimes.  We’re going to look at the divorce experience up close and personal, from the man’s point of view.  Join Dr J as she interviews Dr. Warren Farrell, author of numerous books including Father and Child Reunion

Listen to Dr J and Warren Farrell as they discuss these crucial questions:

Are all absent fathers really “deadbeat dads”?  – What are some of the forces making it difficult for fathers to continue being involved in their children’s lives?  – What is Parental Alienation Syndrome?  -Is it something real, or is it just a ploy for sympathy by the unscrupulous absent fathers?    – Listeners, have you missed out on being a relationship with your dad?  Do you believe it was “his fault”?   And if so, are you really sure that it was his fault?   What would you like to say to you father, if you had the chance?  What would you like to ask him?  What would you like to hear from him? Fathers, have you missed out on being in a relationship with your children?  What were some of the obstacles you faced?  What would you like to say to your children, if you could have their ears for a few minutes? We will point our listeners toward the Ruth Institute Father’s Day Reconciliation Project at to get ideas for how to reach out and heal some of these wounds.

Chuck Limandri interviews Orange County Attorney Tim Busch, devout Catholic, and  Founder of The Busch Firm, J Serra High School, St Anne School. the Magis Institute, plus Founder of the Napa Institute July 28, 29, 30 and 31 in Napa, California:  The Napa Institute prepares Catholics to face the challenges posed in the “next America” – to continue the work of the Apostles and the Bishops, heeding Christ’s call for ongoing apostleship.   Mr Busch has been instrumental in forming several Legatus chapters – find out what Legatus is, and how they help our community.   Listen, be informed and inspired as this remarkable man talks about his life journey and success through his strong faith as a devout Catholic.



The Health of Marriage is the key to the stability and happiness of individuals and societies.  But the US out-of-wedlock childbearing rate now tops 40%, and the rate among lower classes is even higher.

What has happened to marriage?  Can marriage in this society be saved?

Join Dr J on Monday as she interviews Dr. Bradford Wilcox of the University of Virginia. Dr Wilcox is Associate Professor of Sociology a UVA, the President of the National Marriage Project, and the lead author of the important report, “When Marriage disappears from Middle America.”

Listen to Dr J and Dr Wilcox as they discuss these crucial questions:  – Is marriage in decline across the board in the US, or only in some social classes?  – What explains these ominous changes?  -What harm is there in marriage disappearing?  – Do kids really need a mom and a dad?
What will the future of marriage be, if things continue on their present course? – What can Catholics do to improve the culture of marriage?

Chuck interviews Senator Joel Anderson who talks about key legislation, including his efforts to stop government funding to countries like Iran that sponsor terrorism &  Dick Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, about the threat posed by the use of Sharia Law in U.S. courts.

Culture-Making and the Culture Wars

We’re on the “Front Lines of the Culture Wars,” with Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse.  We aim to succeed at creating a culture of life and a revitalized marriage culture.  But what exactly are we talking about when we say things like that? What exactly is culture?   Join Dr J this Monday, May 16, as she interviews Mr. Andy Crouch, author of Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling.  Listen to Dr J and Andy Crouch as they discuss these crucial questions:

  • What is culture and how do we change it?
  • Can ordinary people really do anything meaningful to change the world, especially on the marriage and life issues?
  • What can a handful of people do to create a  culture of life  or a  marriage culture?
  • What is the difference between a metaphorical  culture war,  and an honest-to-goodness shooting war?
  • Are Catholics and Protestants different in the ways they approach the  culture war  issues?
  • How can we work more effectively together with our Protestant brothers and

 The Fate of Marriage in the United States

Is Prop 8 going to be lost in the courts? Are the courts going to redefine marriage in the United States? How about parenthood: will the courts redefine parenthood in the process of redefining marriage?

Listen as Dr. J  interviews Mr. William Duncan, JD, President of the Marriage Law Foundation, and member of the Ruth Institute Academic Advisory Board. Listen as Dr. J and Mr. Duncan explore:

  • · The fate of Prop 8 in the Courts and what it means for the whole country
  • · Challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and what they mean
  • · Some good news out of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • · Recent state laws that redefine parenthood
  • · And much more!

Chuck interviews Dr Anne Hendershott Professor of Urban Studies, Kings College, New York City, and author of “Status Envy: The Decline of Catholicism in Americas Universities”. Plus author of “The Politics of Abortion”.  Tune in to become informed and fortified to defend your faith.

April 25, 2011 -
Dr. J.  - Is the African American community pro-life? If not, why not? If so, why don’t we hear about it? And what can Catholics do to help? Join Dr J. as she interviews pro-life hero Rev Walter Hoye, Founder and President  of Issues4Life.
April 18, 2011 - Chuck interviews Brian Brown, President of the “National Organization for Marriage” and the crucial battle to defend traditional marriage and what you can do to help protect this cornerstone institution of our society. Tune in to become informed and fortified to defend your faith.

April 11, 2011 - What does the Next Generation Really Think About Marriage?

Are we going to lose the movement to defend marriage because young people already believe in same sex marriage?   Are college students committed to abortion on demand?

Dr Jennifer Roback Morse is Founder and President of the Ruth Institute, an interfaith inter-disciplinary educational project of the National Organization for Marriage. The Ruth Institute promotes lifelong married love to college students and young adults.  This week on From the Front Lines of the Culture Wars onCatholic Radio of San Diego,  Dr Morse, aka Dr J, interviews two Catholic students attending non-Catholic universities to find out what the Next Generation really thinks about marriage and life.

Listen to Dr. J as she talks with:

  • ·         Ms. Anne Morse, sophomore at UC Berkeley, active in Berkeley Students for Life.  “Students for Life” is a nationwide network of pro-life college student groups.
  • ·         Mr. Joseph Petrich, freshman at the University of Pittsburgh, and President of the University ofPittsburgh Anscombe Society, the Honor of Love, a student club promoting chastity and sexual integrity. The “Honor of Love” is part of the Love and Fidelity Network, a nationwide network of student groups promoting sexual integrity.

Dr J  talks students about their campus initiatives to protect and preserve life and marriage in the heart of the most secular campuses in America.  Listen and be inspired!

April 4, 2011 - Chuck LiMandri interviews Dr. Jeniffer Roback Morse

March 28, 2011 - Chuck LiMandri

March 22, 2011 - Chuck LiMandri

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