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We can provide you with true calmness and relaxation as if you were spending a peaceful summer afternoon in a Hawaii vacation inn with the best scenic view nature has to offer to satisfy your senses and soul.

Catholic radio is an important emerging force for evangelization in a secular world. Catholic radio in San Diego has a vital role to play in sustaining and evangelizing faith in Christ and the Cross.

What a great gift for all in San Diego to have the Truth of our Catholic faith “in the air”! It has been inspired to search deeper in the heart of people and grow in the love of God by listening to catholic programming on line. Now, it will be even easier to access the wealth of wisdom and knowledge that comes from radio programs in line with the teaching of the Catholic Church. Wait for the many conversions and vocations that will result from having a local Catholic station.


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    Catholic public interest attorney Charles S. LiMandri, and President/Founder of The Ruth Institute, Dr Jennifer Roback Morse, are veterans of many battles in the culture war, including California’s

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